What are the career developments conditions?

The new employee is generally satisfied with a job related to his or her field of study. Being passionate about one's job can give a person a joie de vivre. In all cases, the most important thing is to have a long-term vision. A professional needs to be aware of his or her career development in order to optimise his or her goals and realise his or her dreams in life.

Career advancement in the professional world

The advancement in grade is reflected in an employee's professional development throughout the year. Except in exceptional cases, a change in grade is not permitted during employment. The further an employee advances in his career, the greater his responsibility. The professional index and the grade therefore progress at the same time. These prospects for advancement in grade are often the result of professional monitoring, taking several factors into account: achievement of the objectives set, skills, behaviour, etc. The managers concerned therefore meet to reach common ground in order to increase the employee's qualifications.

The case of a civil servant

This promotion concerns officials. On the one hand, there are officials who work full or part time. On the other hand, there are officials on secondment in their original grade. You should be aware, however, that this will have an impact on reintegration into the original post or integration into the host post.

Ratios and procedure

Apart from the reformed posts classified in category B and the Municipal Police Service, a promotion rate is to be applied to the number of staff who fulfil the clauses governing advancement in grade. This amounts to between 0 and 100%. The rate also applies to appointments resulting from transfer or secondment procedures, except for the recruitment of an official concerned by articles 97 et seq. of Act No. 84-53 of 26 January 1984. The setting of this ratio is the responsibility of the deliberative assembly of the community. The opinion of the technical committee is indispensable before defining the rate to be applied. The appointment of a newly graded civil servant must follow well-defined stages. The entities concerned must therefore comply with a number of reference laws in order to make this appointment.

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