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starting a business

Get advice on starting a business

There are numerous rules and follow along with steps that leveraging other people’s experience is the best way to prevent yourself from the negative results of doing it alone. There will always be someone to tell you something that you…

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Call on a professional coach

Professional coaching is a set of steps aimed at optimizing the productivity and performance of an employee in his activity. In a way, this process allows the worker to advance in his work. During coaching, the employee is led to…

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A coach to pull yourself back up

Career coaching is of great importance in the achievement of company objectives. Indeed, this technique allows managers to sensitize the entire team to correctly carry out the assigned missions.  The professional career is also at stake in this feat. Professional…

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What are the advantages of being a self-employed person ?

The self business exists for about ten years now. This structure, designed to stimulate the spirit of entrepreneurship and boost the French economy in times of economic crisis, is subject to lighter regulation than other types of business, which is…

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